Тест по английскому языку для учеников 10-11 классов

Тест по английскому языку для учеников 10-11 классов


1. We have never met before, ________ we?
    a) have not     b) have    c) are      d) do not
2. They have two ___________.
    a) children     b) child    c) childs      d) childrens
3. There are a lot of alligators in _______ Nile.
    a) a     b) an    c) -      d) the
4. _______ too much sugar in the tea. I can't drink it.
    a) There is     b) There are    c) There were      d) There was
5. I want those books. Please, give _______ to me.
    a) they     b) them    c) those      d) these
6. Do you know __________ here?
    a) some     b) any    c) somebody      d) anybody
7. Why _____ you absent yesterday?
    a) did     b) were    c) was      d) are
8. Our baby ______ walk in a few weeks.
    a) can     b) will be able to    c) have to      d) may
9. This way is _______ than the other.
    a) safe     b) safer    c) more safe      d) safest
10. How much money do you spend _____ food each month?
    a) at     b) on    c) for      d) to
11. He will translate the text if he _________ a dictionary.
    a) has     b) will have    c) have      d) has had
12. The TV broke down when we _________ the news.
    a) watched     b) was watching    c) were watching      d) are watching
13. They ______ each other since 1992.
    a) know     b) knew    c) had known      d) have known
14. I _______ for you for half an hour.
    a) am waiting     b) have been waiting    c) wait      d) waited
15. Ann told her friend that she_________ the competition.
    a) won     b) had won    c) win      d) has won
16. Excuse me, I ___________ for a telephone box. Is there one near here?
    a) look     b) looks    c) looking      d) am looking
17. In 1996 when I lived in Moscow I ________________ at a bank.
    a) was working     b) work    c) working      d) have worked
18. She can't take part in this competition. She ________ her leg.
    a) breaks     b) broke    c) has broken      d) broken
19. Tom hurt his hand when he ____________ dinner.
    a) cooked     b) was cooking    c) cooked      d) has cooked
20. That bag looks heavy. I ________ you with it.
    a) will help     b) help    c) helping      d) helped
21. We_________ football with "Spartak" on Saturday last week.
    a) plat     b) have played    c) were playing      d) played
22. I usually ________ home from Lyceum at 5 o'clock.
    a) coming     b) am coming    c) have come      d) come
23. If he _________ busy I'll invite him to the party.
    a) is not     b) is    c) will not be      d) were not
24. We found that she_________ home at 8 o'clock every morning.
    a) leaves     b) left    c) had left      d) has left
25. We _______ dinner until Jack ____________.
    a) will not start ... arrives     b) do not start ... will arrive    c) not start ... arrives      d) will not start ... will arrive
26. Tom asked Jane where __________ on holiday.
    a) will she go     b) she goes    c) would she go      d) she would go
27. Many children in Britain_________ wear uniform when they go to school.
    a) can     b) are able    c) must      d) had to
28. I _______ late for the first lecture yesterday.
    a) am     b) will be    c) was      d) were
29. ___________ some information about this film.
    a) There's     b) There're    c) They're      d) It's
30. If __________ ring the doorbell don't let them in.
    a) everybody     b) anybody    c) nobody      d) everything
31. She is a very quiet person. She doesn't speak ___________.
    a) many     b) little    c) much      d) few
32. I have got ________ money and we can go shopping.
    a) many     b) few    c) much      d) little
33. Nick has a __________ handwriting than you.
    a) well     b) better    c) much      d) good
34. After many years away he arrived back___________ England a month ago.
    a) in     b) at    c) on      d) -
35. This morning I had _________ boiled eggs for ______ breakfast.
    a) the ... the     b) - ... -    c) a ... the      d) - ... the


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