Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку 9-11 классы



Task 1. Match the headings A-G  to the extracts 1-6. Use each letter once. One heading is extra.









  1. Romford sighed as he picked up the piece of paper and tried hard to read the message on it. He was sure that this would be yet another clue which would lead him further away from the truth instead of closer to finding the murderer.
  2. Born into a poor family, his life was hard from the start. His father was rarely home, and spent months at a time travelling to find work. His mother struggled to make enough money to feed her children by cleaning houses, often taking the young James with her to help scrub floors and polish furniture.
  3. Bobby the bear couldn’t believe his luck – a whole jar of honey all for himself. “I should share this with the others”, he thought, but he decided to have just a little taste … and then another taste, and another. Soon, the jar was empty. “Oh, no” thought Bobby.
  4. Clara mixed the eggs and sugar together in the bowl with slow circular movements. She really wanted this meal to be perfect so that Mike would be impressed. She imagined him gazing lovingly at her over the dessert. Suddenly, a terrible burning smell from the oven brought her back to reality.
  5. Sir Horace walked through the great castle, turning over a long wooden table as he went. “Where are all my servants? He roared. He heard a noise and turned to see Lady Gertrude running down the stone steps from the tower. “Hurry!” she gasped. “Come quickly!”
  6. “Get into the Galactron!” shouted Zoltor. “The whole planet is going to explode!” “We have to get back to Zetron 5!” They climbed aboard just in time and soon the tiny spacecraft was speeding off into deep space.



Task 2. Read the text and choose the option (A, B, C or D) you think fits best.


‘So?’ William asked over supper. ‘How was your first day?’

He looked around the table at the five of us, the first strands of spaghetti slooped into our mouths. ‘Honour?’

‘Fine.’ She kept her eyes on her plate and I saw Jake glance at the narrow line of her high shoulders up against each ear.

‘Jake?’ William bent forward, waiting to hear the worst, but Jake looked clear into his eyes and said it had been good. ‘We’re doing woodwork. And I’m making a bowl.’

‘That’s great.’

‘Yes, a pudding bowl.’ He said, dipping his chin with mirth, and he glanced meaningfully at William’s dark brown round of hair.

‘At kindergarten,’ Pandora piped up, ‘we sang lots of songs.’ And she started lisping one into her father’s ear. ‘And they played it on a ladle, a ladle, a ladle and they played it on a ladle and his name was Aikin Drum.’

‘And how about you, Lolly?’ William asked, serious, as if there might be a reason why she should need particularly to be asked, and Lolly told us all about her teacher Miss Bibeen, and how she’d been on holiday in Japan. ‘She told us about it for the whole main lesson.’ And Lolly launched into a detailed account.

I waited, sucking up spaghetti, slowing each mouthful for my turn, but William got up to fill the water jug and without seeming to see me, he began to tell us about a school play he wanted to direct.


7. How many people were there at the table?

A six

B five

C four

D three

8. William was asking the children about their first day

A in a new family.

B at school and kindergarten.

С in a summer camp.

D at a new home.

9.  That day Jake had a lesson in

A  Literature

B  English

C  Handicrafts

D  Physical Education

10. Who is the youngest among the children?

A  Lolly

B  Pandora

C  Jake

D  Honour

11.  ‘Pipe up’ (in bold in the text) means

A  enter  a conversation

B  smoke a pipe

C  look into a room

D  make a noise

12. In her main lesson that day Lolly was

A  doing woodwork

B  singing songs

C  doing sums

D  listening to the teacher


Task 3.  The following text is completely mixed up. Put the text in order by numbering the lines. Line A comes first in the text; line M is the last one.


13. A   Two friend were travelling on the same road

14. B   climbed into a tree and hid. The other, seeing that single-handed he was no

15. C   him dead, walked slowly away. When Bruin was well out of sight the first

16. D   a dead body. The bear approached him, sniffing at his nose and ears, but the

17. E   together when suddenly they came face to face with a large bear. In great

18. F   to be dead, for he had heard that a bear will not touch

19. G   my perch that he put his mouth very close to your ear.’ ‘Why,’ replied the other, ‘it was no great secret. He

20. H   fear, and without a thought about his companion, one man immediately

21. I    traveller came down from his tree and asked his companion what it

22. J    match for Bruin the bear, threw himself on the ground and pretended

23. K   man, with great courage, held his breath and kept still, and at length the bear, thinking

24. L   was that the bear had said to him. ‘For,’ said he ‘I observed from 

25. M  wisely advised me not to keep company with those who. When they get into difficulty, leave their friends in the lurch.’



English in Use


Task 4. Read the text with the gaps 26-34. Choose the correct answer.

Worrying about the Son

     The call from Mr Hill came when John was taking a shower. John’s wife Laura answered it. When John    (26) the room a minute later, she   (27)  . “The doctor says Tommy  (28)  a good sleep last night,” Mr Hill said. “He  (29)  worse today than he  (30)  yesterday. But please  (31)  too much. The doctor  knows  what he is doing”. “Yes,” said Laura, “good…” and then    (32)  because John  was trying to tell her something.

     “If you   (33)  on a plane this morning, you    (34)  there in the evening,” he said.

     “Yes,” she replied. “Please  thank your wife for helping Tommy. Good buy.” She put down the telephone and looked round the room.

26   1) was entering         2) entered            3) had entered                 4) has entered

27   1) is still speaking     2) still spoke       3) was still speaking       4)still speaks

28   1) does not have        2) did not have    3) had not had                4) has not had

29   1) is                           2) was                  3) has been                     4) had been

30   1) had been               2) has been           3) was                            4) were

31   1) are not worrying   2) will not worry  3) does not worry         4) do not worry

32   1) had stopped           2)stopped             3) has stopped              4) stops

33   1) are getting             2) is getting          3)  will get                    4) get

34   1) is arriving              2) arrive                3) will arrive                 4) are arriving


Task 5. Word formation. Form a word that fits.


School inspectors have found that contrary to all (0) expectations (EXPECT)

children don`t (35)_________________( LIKE )homework at all. In fact, many do more than their teachers suggest, either because of (36) ___________ (ANXIOUS) about their marks or simply for (37) __________ (ENJOY). The inspectors` findings add to the evidence of the (38) __________ (POWER) beneficial effects of homework on pupils` (39) _________ (ACHIEVE).

The inspectors also recommend the (40) _________ (INTRODUCE) of “homework charters”. These tell parents and children how much (41) ________ (ADD) work is expected and provide (42) __________ (ENCOURAGE) to schools to form links with parents who can check that tasks are (43) ___________ (PROPER) completed. International (44) ___________ (COMPARE) suggest that a typical 14-year-old does 6 hours homework in Britain, 8 hours in Italy, and almost 9 hours in Hungary, Japan and Poland.


Task 6. For questions 45-59, read the text below and decide which answer А, В, С or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

0    A ever B then C also D yet


Do you (0) ever wish you were more optimistic, someone who always (45).... to be

successful? Having someone around who always (46).... the worst isn't really a lot of (47).... - we all know someone who sees a single cloud on a sunny day and says, 'It looks (48).... rain.' But if you catch yourself thinking such things, it's important to do something (49).... it.


You can change your view of life, (50).... to psychologists. It only takes a little effort,

and you'll find life more rewarding as a (51).....Optimism, they say, is partly about

self-respect and confidence but it's also a more positive way of looking at life and

all it has to (52).....Optimists are more (53) .... to start new projects and are

generally more prepared to take risks.



45    A counted


В expected


С felt


D waited

46   A worries

В cares

С fears

D doubts

47   A amusement

В play

С enjoyment

D fun

48   A so

В to

С for

D like

49    A with

В against

С about

D over

50   A judging

В according

С concerning

D following

51   A result

В reason

С purpose

D product

52   A supply

В suggest

С offer

D  propose

53   A possible

В likely

С hopeful

D welcome

54   A opinion

В attitude

С view

D position

55    A trust

В believe

С depend

D hope

56   A goes

В falls

С comes

D turns

57   A opposite

В next

С other

D far

58   A regard

В respect

С suppose

D think

59   A get up

В get on

С get out

D get over


Upbringing is obviously very important informing your (54).... to the world. Some people are brought up to (55).... too much on others and grow up forever blaming other people when anything (56) .... wrong. Most optimists, on the (57) .... hand, have been brought up not to (58) .... failure as the end of the world - they just (59).... with their lives.


Task 7.

For questions 60-74, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space, Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Write your word on the separate answer sheet.






In the front room of (0) their home, the Henry family gathered around their TV set (60) .... a popular soap opera began. 'Look, there's Mum!' shouted 11-year-old Kathy, pointing (61).... the screen. 'She's sitting at that table (62).... the corner.' Sure enough, there was Julia Henry, enjoying a relaxed drink in (63) .... of the country's most famous TV programmes.


Julia's family see (64) .... unusual in her job (65) .... a 'bit-part' actor, or 'extra', because they are all doing it. Her husband, Tony, (66).... been in several drama series as (67).... as numerous adverts, while Kathy and her 13-year-old brother, Robin, have also appeared (68).... TV countless times.


It all started four years (69) .... when Tony, an amateur actor from Lancashire, decided to leave his job and take (70).... acting professionally. At the age of 41, it was a big step to take, but he has (71).... regrets about it at all. Soon the whole family were being offered chances to play small parts just like him, though Tony admits there are times when he wishes he (72).... a star. 'We really enjoy our lives,' says Tony, 'although it is difficult to (73).... plans. A couple of phone calls can turn our week upside down, but we love (74).... minute of it!'































Task 1.














Task 2.














Task 3.




























Task 4.

26  _____________________________________

27 _____________________________________

28   _____________________________________

29   _____________________________________

30   _____________________________________

31  _____________________________________

32   _____________________________________

33   _____________________________________

34   _____________________________________


Task 5.












Task 6.

































Task 7.








































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