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2.3. Запрос, требование.

Цель таких писем - получить информацию, помощь etc, т.е. некое желательное для вас действие со стороны Вашего адресата.

План письма:

  1. Дать ссылку на источник , из которого вы получили информацию о компании.

    I am writing to enquire about the reduced flights to Zambia which you advertised in yesterday's "Morning Post".

    You were recommended to us by Dr. Mary Stuart from Washington DC.

    With reference to our phone call of yesterday, we would like more detailed information about your service.

  2. Представить коротко себя, свою фирму.

    Our company is a subsidiary of Mini World Trade Organization and we specialize in:

    We are one of the main producers of industrial chemicals in Russia, and we are interested in:

    Our company, which is affiliate to the National Credit Holding, is mainly concerned with:

  3. Объяснить, почему Вы пишете это письмо, выразить ваш интерес.

    I am interested in taking a course in English for academic purposes.

    We would like to know more about the physics laboratory equipment you advertised in the last issue of Physics Today.

    We are planning some reorganization of our e-business and would like some information about:

  4. Объяснить, что бы вы хотели получить от адресата.

    Please would you cancel cheque No. 123456789 for $25'000 in favour of Gold Mine Ltd.?

    I would be grateful for detailed information about this trip. Would it be possible to fly via Peking? Does a Russian citizen need a visa?

    Could you therefore send us your prospectus and details of the computer requirements?

  5. Закончить письмо стандартной фразой.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    We would be grateful for an early reply.

    Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future.

    We would like to point out that delivery before August 1 is essential and hope that you can offer us this guarantee.

    Thanking in advance for your help.

  6. Подпись, имя и должность автора письма.

Обратно Оглавление Далее

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