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2.8. Ответ на жалобу

Ответ на жалобу клиента/партнера по бизнесу также относится к "трудным" письмам, поскольку в нем надо будет дать исчерпывающее объяснение причин, вызвавших недовольство клиента/партнера, сохранив при этом лицо своей компании.

План письма:

  1. Ссылка на письмо-жалобу. We thank you for your letter of May 22, 2000, in which you informed us that package number 5 of the of the above consignment contained the wrong goods.

    Your detailed description of the damage was very helpful to us.

    Thank you for your letter of May 22, 2000, in which you pointed out that three mistakes totally DM 1560 had been made on your statement.

    We would like to thank you for informing us of our accounting error in your letter on May 22, 2000.

    We are always interested in receiving comments from our customers because this helps us to improve the service.

  2. Объясните, что вызвало проблему.

    We have investigated the matter and found that the mistake was due to:

    This was largely due to circumstances beyond our control.

    I would, nevertheless, like to point out that:

    We have looked into this matter and there appears to have some confusion in the numbering of two different orders which were collected by our forwarding agent to Moscow.

    I can only assume that the forwarding agent made a mistake, and the contents of this case were intended for another customers.

  3. Перечислите Ваши действия, которые были Вами предприняты, чтобы разрешить возникшую проблему немедленно.

    The material you complained about has been withdrawn.

    We have already shipped replacements for the :

  4. Сообщите, какие меры были предприняты, чтобы не повторить подобную ошибку в будущем.

    We have reviewed our :.. and can assure you that similar mistakes will not happen again.

    You may be sure that such a mistake will not be made again.

    The new procedures will ensure that this problem will not happen again.

  5. Принесите свои извинения за принесенные неудобства.

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    We were very sorry about the inconvenience you have experienced.

    I apologize for the errors which were due to a fault in our computer, which has now been fixed.

    However, we sympathize with the inconvenience you have been caused and would like to offer you some sort of compensation.

    Finally, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience you were caused and to thank you for your patience in this matter.

    We would, therefore, like to offer you a 20% discount on your next purchase.

  6. Закончите письмо в оптимистическом тоне.

    We look forward to hearing of the safe arrival of the replacements and to doing further business with you.

    Once again, I regret any inconvenience you may have suffered and look forward to doing further business with you.

Обратно Оглавление Далее

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